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Paint the Sea: A Turtle’s Dream

Wholesome Publishing House brings you a magical bedtime story that sparks the limitless bounds of a child’s imagination. The story reads like a gentle whisper from the ocean’s wind into the creative mind of a child, reminding them that they are the authors of their own lives and they are all that they can imagine themselves to be. *best for children 0-8 yrs. and even better for every age*

Take the Plunge

Dive into the story right now.

Go on an underwater adventure with Faith and Ridley as they traverse the blue abyss. How many sea creatures will you be able to find? Allow your gaze to dance across the beautifully illustrated spreads as you get lost in your imagination.

The book is complete with bonus material including a bedtime verse called Turtle Dreams which is an adaptation from the classic “now I lay me down to sleep”. Then comes an educational spread called Sea Turtle Fun Facts intended to raise awareness of endangered sea turtles. Finally the book ends with a socially interactive Art Expo and coloring pages of Ridley the Sea Turtle and Faith the Fish. HARDCOVER- $21.95 SOFTCOVER- $16.95

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Meet the Characters

Ridley the Sea Turtle

Ridley, the persistent sea turtle, is swift and keen. He has an urgent message he would like to share with friends young and old. His charismatic style keeps the story flowing from beginning to end.

Faith the Fish

Faith, the exuberant fish, is quick and witty. She has a dazzling persona that can captivate an audience. Her dashing moves and quick wit keep Faith playing with all the creatures of the sea.

Christopher Miller

Chris Miller is a story book author, indie publisher, and kid at heart.

As an educator of 12 years and creator of “Paint the Sea: A Turtle’s Dream” his intention is to inspire, empower and remind children of their amazing natural abilities, while planting seeds of self-confidence in their hearts and minds. His inspirational writings help tap into our hidden potential for greatness by using the power of positive attitudes, affirmations and beliefs.

Chris has work appearing or forthcoming in over a dozen venues TBA. As a moonlight author, he has several book titles currently in production. He is also the owner of Wholesome Publishing House specializing in custom book publishing, indie pub culture and wholesome written intentions.

A Story About.


Join Faith and Ridley on their deep sea adventures. Life is an adventure and we must resolve to be present in each moment; for each passing moment is a reflection of eternity.


Imagine all the you can be! Creative energy begins in the imagination and for every idea we birth forward we engage in the collective creation we see unfold before our very eyes.

Self Confidence

"Paint the sea all by yourself"... This wholesome verse becomes a gentle whisper into the ear of the reader (listener), reminding each of them they are the authors of their very own lives.

Domnita Vieru

Domnita Vieru is a visual artist and illustrator of kids stories.

Domnita comes from a lineage of highly respected and award winning artists. Her talent for visual art is internationally recognized and highly commended. Her vivid techniques and curious style instantly inspires a child’s imagination. Domnita specializes in wet-on-wet water coloring which was used to create one of the best children’s books ever published. She not only illustrated this story book but created an incredible piece of art. You will need to see it for yourself!

Arriving Fall 2015!

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