Turtle Dreams Bedtime Verse

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This gift has a special place in my heart. This image was the original painting for the cover of the book. After seeing this painting for the first time in 2014 I immediately knew I had found the perfect illustrator for my children’s book project.

As the book progressed over the first few months we realized that the original book cover would not work because it was decided that the book would be a different size, shape and concept. So I decided to find a way to share this amazing piece of art with others. The beautifully crafted wet-in-wet water coloring was designed by the illustrator, Domnita Vieru, and highlights the imaginative yet gentle bedtime verse used at the end of the book Paint the Sea: A Turtle’s Dream.

The image is free and may not be resold for profit. It may be used for one high resolution print. The image may also be re-sized and printed on a home printer but for best quality and results I recommend using a local or online print shop. This is a very high quality image at 18×24 with print ready resolution (300 dpi) and therefore the file size is about 24 MB. The file is able to be printed on poster size or larger.

I wish you a balanced and wholesome life and please remember to enjoy the journey,

Chris Miller