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Paint the Sea: A Turtle’s Dream 8.5×8.5 softcover

Wholesome Publishing House brings you a magical bedtime story that sparks the limitless bounds of a child’s imagination. The verse reads like a gentle whisper of the ocean’s wind into the creative mind of a child, reminding them that they are the authors of their own lives and they are all that they can imagine themselves to be.

Do turtle’s dream of fish delight? Join Faith the Fish and Ridley the Sea Turtle as they traverse the blue abyss in a little game of “catch me if you can”.

“Blend blue, orange, pink and purple haze. Begin each day with thoughtful praise.”

The book communicates a message which elicits self-confidence, tolerance, compassion, self-awareness, creativity and thoughtfulness. The ethereal nature of the 17 beautifully illustrated spreads inspires a dream-like state delicately balanced and wrapped in a playful visual experience that any child will enjoy.

The book is complete with bonus material including a bedtime verse called Turtle Dreams which is an adaptation from the classic “now I lay me down to sleep”. Then comes an educational spread called Sea Turtle Fun Facts and finally the book ends with a socially interactive Art Expo and coloring pages of Ridley the Sea Turtle and Faith the Fish.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own an Instant Classic that can be passed on to future generations. Purchase your copy as a Gift for that special child in your life.


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8.5×8.5 Paperback with matted cover